Why are flags flown at half mast?

Answer Observing the rules for displaying a flag, such as the U.S. flag, are not just social customs; federal law backs many flag traditions. Flying flags at half-mast is reserved for special occasions.Id... Read More »

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What six flags have flown over Texas& when?

The first flag to fly over Texas was the Spanish flag in 1519. Since then, the flags of France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, and the United States of America have all spent time ... Read More »

How many different flags have flown over Texas?

Texas has had six official national flags flown over it during its history. These flags were Spanish, French, Mexican, Texas state, Confederate and the United States. However, nine other flags have... Read More »

When should the U.S. flag be flown at half staff?

According to U.S. Code 4 Sec. 7(m), the U.S. flag is flown at half-staff "upon the death of principal figures of the Unites States government ..." The president can order the flag flown at half-s... Read More »

Is the U.S. flag flown at half staff on Veterans Day?

The United States flag is not lowered to half-staff on Veteran's Day. The flag is to be raised and displayed on Veteran's Day to honor all veterans, living and dead. The flag is lowered to half-sta... Read More »