Why are Australian flags half way down today?

Answer Former politician Frank Walker passed away,I guess that's why.Edit: BTW,the correct term is half mast.

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Why are flags flown at half mast?

Observing the rules for displaying a flag, such as the U.S. flag, are not just social customs; federal law backs many flag traditions. Flying flags at half-mast is reserved for special occasions.Id... Read More »

Should the U.S. flag fly at half staff on Veterans Day?

According to Gettysburg Flag Works, you should not fly the U.S. flag at half staff on Veterans Day on November 11. Flags are flown at half staff on days of mourning and Veterans Day "is not a day o... Read More »

When should the U.S. flag be flown at half staff?

According to U.S. Code 4 Sec. 7(m), the U.S. flag is flown at half-staff "upon the death of principal figures of the Unites States government ..." The president can order the flag flown at half-s... Read More »

Half Staff Flag Etiquette?

The United States flag is the symbol of our living nation, and has a strict code of etiquette for its display. One of the most strictly regulated is the custom of flying the flag at half staff. Onl... Read More »