Why are fertilizers applied?

Answer To improve the ability of the soil to support the plants growing within.

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Fertilizers for Oak Trees?

Maintaining an organically rich mulch base at the base of oak trees is the best form of nutrients for optimum growth and healthiest trees. Oak trees transport nutrients from the fallen leaves deep... Read More »

Are fertilizers harmful?

On One Hand: Waste-Derived Fertilizers Can Be HarmfulAccording to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, industrial waste may be used in fertilizers as a mineral and nutrient source. Although th... Read More »

The Overuse of Fertilizers?

Many people believe that application of fertilizer at rates above those recommended will cause their lawn or garden to grow faster and greener. This is a myth. Overapplication of fertilizer can hav... Read More »

Who uses fertilizers?

Fertilizers are used by farmers, horticulturists and household gardeners. According to Nation Master in 2010, Ireland uses more fertilizers than any other country, followed by the Netherlands and E... Read More »