Why are fat people called pig There are other animals fatter than pig?

Answer In the west, pig is associated with gluttony. Incidentally, all the animals that you quote are not found naturally in Europe or America. So I can imagine that the people who coined that term did no... Read More »

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Are there any ways that I could help farm animals other than just being a vegetarian?

Yes! You can spread awareness of how farm animals are treated by joining the Adopt a College program: you can just hand out pamphlets on your own. Most librari... Read More »

Which Animals Other Than Squirrels Eat Acorns?

Oak trees are found throughout the United States, except for the higher-elevation Rocky Mountain region. The acorns produced by the trees are an important food source for many animals. Acorns give ... Read More »

What is different about a dolphin than other marine animals?

A dolphin is actually a mammal, not a fish so dolphins have to come to the surface for air.

Why do people eat other animals Does it bother you ?

Fish smell like gross? What does gross smell like? Besides, what do you think would happen if hunting became illegal? Oh, that's right! The animal population would outgrow the human population! In ... Read More »