Why are farmers good for the U.S.?

Answer The agriculture industry is one of the most influential and important industries in the United States. Although it is often overseen or disregarded, farmers play a vital role in the lives of every ... Read More »

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My chicken farmers hot dogs say best by 4/05 it's 4/24 are they any good?

They will be fine unopened and air eascping is quite naturalH-man

Do shepherds make good farmers How will the tools be exchanged?

We probably would make good farmers. We know what it's like to protect, guide and nurture sheep, so we could apply those principles to land and crops. Your second question baffles me. I guess yo... Read More »

Farmers have been told to stop ploughing as it is wrecking English soil. Good idea?

some of the old time village strip farms like those in Notts and Lincs. don't have that issue, they just collectively agree what they are going to till, or not till and plant.The problem certainly ... Read More »

What do farmers do?

Depending on the type of farming that a person does, modern day farmers perform a wide variety of task and duties that are related to agricultural production. Some of those jobs include managing fa... Read More »