Why are embryonic stem cells important?

Answer Embryonic stem cells are the root of all future body cells. They are important because all bodily tissue and organs come from stem cells.SignificanceResearchers hope to use stem cells to study dise... Read More »

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Why is research using embryonic stem cells so important?

Embryonic stem cell research is a major part of scientific research that focuses on using cloning in order to repair damages and find cures for diseases. A great deal of public controversy surround... Read More »

What are embryonic stem cells?

Embryonic stem cells are cells derived from embryos. These cells are found in all organisms, and some researchers believe they can help cure disease.IdentificationEmbryonic stem cells are harvested... Read More »

Why Adult Stem Cells Are Better Than Embryonic?

The use of stem cells as a treatment cure is an ongoing area of development and political debate. Both adult and embryonic stem cells contain certain biological blueprints on various portions of th... Read More »

Why are stem cells important to the public?

Stem cells are types of human or animal cells that are capable of dividing an endless number of times and are not specialized. Although there is controversy around using some forms of stem cells, t... Read More »