Why are electric cars better for the environment?

Answer According to the European Commission of Mobility and Transport, electric cars or "electric vehicles" (EVs) are better for the environment because they "offer the possibility to substitute oil with ... Read More »

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Are Green Cars Better for the Environment Than Gas-Powered Cars?

Green cars are specifically designed to be more environmentally friendly than traditional, gas-powered vehicles. The alternative fuels that green cars are designed to use are renewable, meaning tha... Read More »

Are hydrogen-powered cars better for the environment than diesel&petrol-powered cars?

On One Hand: Hydrogen is the Cleanest Burning FuelThe advantage of burning hydrogen over any other fuel is that when hydrogen burns it combines with oxygen and the only emission from this reaction ... Read More »

Are cars bad for the environment?

On One Hand: Emit Tons of Carbon PollutionAccording to the Environmental Defense Fund, cars in the United States emit about 300 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year. Overall... Read More »

Why are hybrid cars better for the environment?

Hybrid cars generally get between 40 and 70 miles per gallon, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, and higher gas mileage translates into savings for consumers. With more than 1 million hybr... Read More »