Why are dry cleaning businesses important?

Answer Dry cleaning is a procedure that cleans clothing that would normally be ruined by water or soaps used in normal machine washing. Dry cleaners use solvents to remove dirt and stains without damaging... Read More »

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Why are stocks important to businesses?

Stock markets match investors with corporations. Corporations enter capital markets to line up financing, while savers seek profitable investments. Before investing money, recognize the role busine... Read More »

What does a computer scientist really do and why are they so important to businesses all of a sudden?

computer scientists are professionals in the field of software engineering and computer programmings among other things. In other words they are responsible for creating all the applications and op... Read More »

Is it true that cleaning the tongue is more important than brushing teeth at night?

Yes and no...Most people don't brush the right way so tongue cleaning is REALLY important for them...They sell a Tongue Cleaner next to the tooth brushes at the grocery store... It looks like a loo... Read More »

How I can find contractors who need people for cleaning houses what they build I have cleaning company thanks?

I would suggest that you contact the home builders. They have contact information for the contractors they use, and this would steer you in the right direction. Custom builders would be a good pl... Read More »