Why are download-time estimates so wildly unreliable?

Answer That's because internet traffic flow is not constant. Some log in to the same site where you are and some log out. It's random. The estimate given to you are based on a calculated average taken per... Read More »

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How to Plan a Vacation for Wildly Different People?

If you like laying on the beach and your friend or significant other prefers action, you may have to consider how to plan a vacation for wildly different people. It doesn't mean that one person has... Read More »

Why do some people drive wildly on a motorcycle, knowing that they could get killed?

I believe it is the adrenaline, the open road, and the ability to do more than you can in a car. Stuck in traffic? Not if you're in a motorcycle. I have heard they have the right to go in between c... Read More »

When are tax estimates due?

Taxpayers can pay estimated taxes in full on April 15. However, if they choose to pay in four equal payments, then estimated taxes are due on April 15, June 15, September 15 and January 15. If thes... Read More »

How to Compare Estimates?

Estimates are usually calculations by professionals regarding the cost and time to repair a home or car or other major item. It's important to research the company or business providing the estimat... Read More »