Why are dogs very aggressive with food?

Answer According to the Humane Society, food aggression is a type of possession aggression, which can encompass not just food, but toys and other objects the canine deems valuable.ConsiderationsA well ear... Read More »

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Is there a list of top 50 aggressive dogs?

kuruvi hair and mangala and dumil and most cause vengala

Are dogs aggressive because they are not spayed?

While some types of aggression is reduced by spaying female dogs, the permanent hormonal changes caused by spaying can increase some aggressive behaviors. Most aggression is managed best by trainin... Read More »

What kind of dogs are aggressive?

Knowing what types of canines are aggressive is important before bringing a new dog into the home because some breeds may be harmful to other pets or to children. Additionally, it is only fair that... Read More »

What makes dogs aggressive?

When you love your dog dearly and he begins showing signs of aggression, it can be very upsetting. Proper socialization can prevent some aggressive behavior. However, if it occurs it is important t... Read More »