Why are dogs'noses cold?

Answer Dogs' noses are known for being cold and wet, but most people have no idea why that is. If you've ever felt a dog's nose on a chilly morning, you know just how cold they are.FunctionA dog's cold, w... Read More »

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Why are dogs'noses wet&cold?

Society holds that dogs' noses are wet and cold as a sign of health and well-being, but there is no conclusive evidence to back up this statement. There are a number of theories why dogs have cold,... Read More »

Grilled Hot Dogs Boiled Hot Dogs Steamed Hot Dogs Or Fried hot Dogs Which do you like better ?

I like hot dogs fixed on the grill the best, but that usually happens in the summer. I can just have boiled hot dogs until then. (lol)

Why do noses bleed?

Noses bleed because of tiny fragile blood vesels on the inside of your nose which lie very close to the surface of the skin. These can break due to the hot weather when the inside of your nose is d... Read More »

Do mealworms have noses?

Mealworms, the larvae of the darkling beetle, have no noses. At all stages of life, mealworms breathe through small surface openings called spiracles. These tubes appear in pairs on the mealworm's ... Read More »