Why are diabetics denied health insurance?

Answer Under U.S. law a health insurer can limit, place time restrictions or deny altogether insurance coverage when a person has a pre-existing condition such as diabetes.Failure to DiscloseA consumer m... Read More »

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Can i be denied health insurance?

People can be denied health insurance coverage for numerous reasons. One common reason insurers deny applications are pre-existing conditions, which are illnesses or injuries that occurred before t... Read More »

For what reasons can you be denied health insurance?

Answer Pre-exisiting conditions and current lifestyle habits are both reasons for coverage denial. Additionally, the commission of insurance fraud may be a reason. In general, all insurers have "u... Read More »

What happens if i am denied health insurance?

On One Hand: Apply Through A Different Insurance ProviderApply for health insurance benefits through another insurance provider. According to, not all health insu... Read More »

Can you be denied health insurance coverage if you have asthma?

Yes - Aetna just did it to us because our daughter has asthma. I was so shocked. They stated the reason that her combined conditions of asthma and eczema (yes mild eczema - at least for her) "exc... Read More »