Why are desert soils low in organic matter?

Answer There is very little topsoil in deserts, in fact, one millimeter of topsoil can take hundreds of years to form in a desert. The plant life in deserts evolved through selection to be less reliant on... Read More »

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How do I add organic matter to soil?

Make or Buy the Organic MatterAcquire organic matter such as animal manure, compost or organic mulch. Gardeners can make their own compost using kitchen and garden waste. Food, straw, dead leaves... Read More »

Is cardboard organic matter?

The cardboard used to make brown cardboard boxes, egg crates and cereal boxes is organic because it is made from paper. Companies use inks derived from vegetables because they are cheaper. Cardboar... Read More »

Are vegetables organic matter?

Organic matter refers to plant and animal parts that are decomposing, as the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service explains. Vegetables become organic matter once they are placed in a compo... Read More »

How do I recycle organic matter for soil?

Passive CompostingAdd organic matter such as grass clippings, wood chips, cow or horse manure and kitchen scraps in layers to your compost pile. Enclose the pile in a fence to prevent critters from... Read More »