Why are dads mean to their daughters?

Answer why does my dad not want to see me is it because i am a girlI doubt very much your Dad really doesn't want to see you, and being a girl should have nothing to do with it. Express your feelings to h... Read More »

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Gift Ideas for Dads From Daughters?

Many fathers and daughters have special bonds and strong relationships. Most dads will always want to take care of their little girls, no matter how old they get. When Father's Day, birthdays and h... Read More »

What if the children dont want to go to their dads?

My parents got divorced and i NEVER want to go to my dads but if i didn't my sis will get lonely so i go

Any Mothers Considering Circumcising their New Born Daughters?

I love this question.This type of question was actually the one that made me 1000000% certain, without a doubt sure, that I would NOT circumcise my son... Especially after seeing so many people's ... Read More »

Is their a cost if a parent wants to adopt her daughters child?

Your best approach is to involve a lawyer to make sure that you follow all the steps properly to do this.