Cuban cigars and their flavors?

Answer In general, Cuban cigars are considered the best in the world. However, a particular Dominican, Honduran or Nicaraguan cigar can taste better than a particular Cuban cigar. Being Cuban does not aut... Read More »

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Why is a Cuban cigar regarded as the end all of cigars?

I have to respectfully disagree with Randy - Cuban cigars have suffered as of late becuase of the lack of proper nutrients in their soil. They have only in the last few years begun a comeback of s... Read More »

How to Find and Buy Genuine Cuban Cigars?

Cuban CigarThe number of cigar aficionados has been steadily increasing with cigar becoming chic once again. Cigars are made in many parts of the world, but the most sought after types of cigars ar... Read More »

Are Cohiba cigars illegal?

Cohiba cigars made in the Dominican Republic are not illegal to purchase in the United States. However, cigars are still made under the original Cohiba brand name in Cuba. As of 2010, Cuban Cohiba ... Read More »

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