If pigs had wings, would Swine Flu be called Bird Flu?

Answer Not a silly question at all if what you mean is to compare one hyped-up panic with another. The way WHO go on, you would think it was the Great Plague! Of course, it justifies getting their fat s... Read More »

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What year did cops first air?

The show "COPS" first aired on March 11th 1989.

Why are cops so crooked?

im going to say this its about making money all cops are crooked . they have to make a atleast 10-15 arest amonth to keep there job so... all cops can suck on my left ball..

How long has cops been on the air?

SHOULD I CALL the cops?

You could inform the police, I suppose, but I don't think anyone would be able to pinpoint where that conversation took place. Do you have any idea as to the location?Could be all the way across t... Read More »