If pigs had wings, would Swine Flu be called Bird Flu?

Answer Not a silly question at all if what you mean is to compare one hyped-up panic with another. The way WHO go on, you would think it was the Great Plague! Of course, it justifies getting their fat s... Read More »

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How to Not Be Harassed by the Cops?

Police officers have a job to do; a job that is usually thankless and full of confrontation. This kind of job wears on a person, and may cause them to be less than friendly. Read on to learn how to... Read More »

How to Talk to Cops?

For many people, an encounter with a police officer is no easy task. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you leave the encounter with a warning, ticket or a lighter sentence.

Why are cops so crooked?

im going to say this its about making money all cops are crooked . they have to make a atleast 10-15 arest amonth to keep there job so... all cops can suck on my left ball..

How to Avoid Cops?

You may have really angered them or made yourself a target for their harassment. Perhaps you even did something stupid in the past.