What Are Those Little Blue Lights Under the Traffic Lights in Central Florida?

Answer According to Orlando’s Wesh TV2, “Little blue lights on traffic signals alert authorities from all angles that the signal below it has turned red.”

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Why do police cars use red& blue lights?

Police cars use red and blue lights to alert other drivers. Red lights indicate there is an emergency and provides a warning. Blue lights signal that a police car is approaching. Police cars have l... Read More »

Do plants grow under blue lights?

Blue light is visible energy that can be captured by plant pigments (chlorophyll and carotenoids). The blue light energy permits chlorophyll to split water and capture active electrons. These energ... Read More »

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If you wish to change the coloring of your Cadillac Escalade's dash lights, you have two options: You can install colored bulb sleeves or or replace the old bulbs with new ones. The colored bulb sl... Read More »

Are blue accent lights legal on motorcycles?

Red and blue lights are used by law enforcement and emergency vehicles. The only time a motorcycle may use red or blue lights is in an off-road setting. Using colored lights on highways or streets ... Read More »