Why are computer keyboards not made in alphabetical order?

Answer The keys are all strategically placed based on how often we use them. This is why there is a specific and proper way to type, because it is the most efficient based on thd keyboard layout.

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Why aren't computer keyboards in alphabetical order?

If you care to read this young lady it will tell you everything including all the different layouts for the world.…

Why are keyboards not in alphabetical order?

When typewriters were first used, the typists were able to type faster than the arms holding the letters could swing up and down. As a result, typewriters kept jamming. So the keys were actually re... Read More »

Why aren't keyboards in alphabetical order?

Because QWERTY Keyboards were cleverly engineered so we can type really fast. The letters are carefully placed in order so that most common words are easy to use and the vowels are carefully placed... Read More »

Why dont the letters on keyboards read across in alphabetical order?

THrowback from typewriters. the first ones were set like that to keep the keys from jamming when commonly used letters like st were next to eachotherEveryone got used to it, and peoples habits are ... Read More »