Why are commercials always 10x louder than the shows?

Answer It's to get your attention... annoying I know but it does work...

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Who made the deal that allows commercials to be louder than content?

The signal strength is constant and regulated by FCC. Commercials just use all of the signal carrier available. Normal programming does not.

Why are TV adverts always louder than the programmes you watch?

right on, extremely annoying ... I less and less watch TV, I use the net instead to watch movies, series, news, music ... , someday TV channels will be paying us to watch their cr*p ...

How to Audition for TV Shows & Commercials?

Whether you want to be the next Johnny Depp or Julia Roberts, every actor must audition for their roles in the beginning of their acting careers, and some blockbuster personalities still have to pr... Read More »

How much louder is a vacuum cleaner than a conversation?

Whirlpool has been making Kenmore's appliances for decades and has the monopoly on Refrigerators in the USA (above 70% of the market). Most are built in Mexico, paying workers about $2.00/hour (2006).