Why are coffins nailed shut?

Answer When a person dies their body is placed inside of a coffin (casket). The coffin can be put on display at a funeral, put in storage for winter or buried right away. Sometimes a coffin is nailed shut... Read More »

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When were coffins invented?

A coffin is defined as any box that is used to bury the deceased. The earliest use of coffins has been dated back to the 13th Dynasty in ancient Egypt. A coffin that is believed to be the first woo... Read More »

Would two 2x4's, 7 1/2 feet tall, nailed together, hold 250lbs?

Short answer: Two 2x4s less than 8 feet long nailed together in an X-pattern will support 250 pounds if used as a ramp if:a) They are deployed this way II, not ==.b) Both ends are restrained, or th... Read More »

I think i may have nailed down what im gonna wear on the first day of school..thoughts(:?

ughh.. you said so many wrong things in one paragraph unno where to start.i think that outfit is over done, and too many ppl go for that type of style-but hey its you then go for it, i just dont th... Read More »

What is the origin of lined coffins?

Coffins were originally very simple hexagonal wooden boxes. It was not until the middle ages that coffins began to be lined with such materials as lead and soft fabrics. Very early coffins were ma... Read More »