Why are chef hats so tall?

Answer Although chefs have worn special hats, or toques, for centuries, it wasn't until 19th century chef Marie-Antoine Carême redesigned the whole uniform that the tall chef's hat was born, according to... Read More »

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Decorating Tips for Chef Hats?

Most professional chefs have very strict rules about what they can wear in the kitchen, and tradition calls for a white chef's hat with no decoration in almost all cases. Luckily, your small buddin... Read More »

Directions for Children's Paper Chef Hats?

Having your child help you prepare meals and treats in the kitchen allows you to pass on family recipes and teach him about eating healthy and helping out around the house. Get your child excited a... Read More »

What are tall military hats called?

The shakos, or shako, military hat was popular among the French and Hungarians during the 19th century, according to Merriam Webster's online dictionary. The word "shakos" is French taken from the ... Read More »

How tall is Michael Smith, Chef at Large?

Standing 6 feet 8 inches tall, Michael Smith unofficially stakes his claim as the tallest chef in the world. Best known for the "Chef at Home" and "Chef at Large" television series, Smith now hosts... Read More »