Why are categories not displayed on mobile?

Answer The current mobile site uses a different method to render pages from the raw wikitext, and categories were omitted from its design; it's that simple.The next iteration of the mobile site, as part o... Read More »

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Can ActiveX be displayed entirely?

ActiveX is a type of programming language used in the framework of software components and applications. ActiveX and ActiveX controls can be entirely displayed using software application environmen... Read More »

Wikipedia Pages are displayed unformatted?

Report this situation to Wikipedia service...Good luck!

What information is displayed in a 2D barcode?

A 2D (two-dimensional) barcode may display shipping information, personal data for your driver's license or inventory control information. It displays numbers and words encoded as symbols that only... Read More »

My deskstop icons are displayed wrong?

Nice.Well, it's hard to see the running programs next to the time there on your start bar. Often, people have an Intel graphics menu somewhere. For example, try right-clicking on the desktop some... Read More »