Why are carbohydrates good for you?

Answer Carbohydrates are part of the basic nutritional recommendations put forward in the FDA's food pyramid. They can be found in high quantities in foods such as breads, pastas, fruits, vegetables and b... Read More »

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Why are potatoes a good source of carbohydrates?

Potatoes are rated as a Grade A source of carbohydrate, but have acquired a reputation for being bad to eat due to the popularity of low-carbohydrate diets. Carbohydrate (meaning "carbon plus water... Read More »

What Happens If You Don't Eat Enough Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates, in the form of root vegetables and grains, are the predominant source of energy for people across the world. Given that glucose from carbohydrates is used by the body as a preferred ... Read More »

How many carbohydrates are in soy nuts?

According to Nutrition Data, one ounce of dry-roasted soybeans, also known as soy nuts, contains nine grams of carbohydrates. The same amount also contains two grams of dietary fiber, making the ne... Read More »

Carbohydrates in celery?…