Why are calculator keypads and telephone key pads set out differently?

Answer the telephone tone pads came first. they had to be used by common people and starting top/left proved easiest to understand. this layout also places the alpha characters, which were in common use a... Read More »

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Why are phone keypads and comp keypads different?

I heard this one before. I think it has to do with the speed of the telephone switch. Calculators (and thus keyboard number pads) have been around longer. I believe when the telephone company in... Read More »

Why are the keypads on keyboards and telephones different?

why does it matter, do you get confused??but to be honest, the only reason i would suggest, is that your hands are in a different position when your typing, than when your entering numbers in your ... Read More »

Instructions for Programming Schlage Deadbolt Keypads?

The Schlage deadbolt keypad enables you to set codes for separate users in the home. It also gives you the capability to set temporary user codes for the babysitter or anybody who only requires lim... Read More »

Who do i reset my calculator CASIO SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR fx-83ES Natural Display PLEASE HELPP!!!?

You are in Scientific Mode, change it to regular mode. Use the mode key to change mode.Try also this sequence, or check your user manualshift clr 2 mode =