Why are cables always tangled when you try unplug something?

Answer Because they are curled up and bundled when you buy them, who knows how long they have been sitting in that plastic bag like that. You lay them on top of each other and they start to bend back the ... Read More »

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Why do headphones always get so tangled?

It is called the law of entropy which by definition is the law of disorder.. it would be the energy that occurs when it shouldn't.. the law of entropy says that if you straightened out all of the w... Read More »

Now ... why is it when you drink coffee and spill it down your front you always have something white on?

Oh! it's just the Murphy's law, it's the same one that if you drop your toast, it always falls butter side down!Did you like the recipe?,let me know if you would like some more!

What are Directioners always talking about swallowing bleach when something happens with the band.?

Bleach has a huge reputation as being a Cleanser, So i know a few bands use swallowing it as a Euphemism for cleaning out bad thoughts, or trying to get rid of certain thoughts or feelings. Sorta l... Read More »

When is Tangled coming out on blue ray?