Why are brothers the most lame person to hang out with?

Answer Yes. If you disagree you would need to file an objection to the court. There would be a hearing and the judge would decide if your objection was serious enough to stop the appointment. If so, anoth... Read More »

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How do you get your brothers to hang out with you?

How to Be a Fun Person to Hang out With?

Everybody wants to hang out with the fun people. Nobody wants to be classified as "boring". It's just that some of us just need a little help in this department. Read on for some help with becoming... Read More »

Justin Bieber HATERS only: Do you think he's a cool person to hang out with?

I don't understand why people hate him. None of you even know him, therefore you can't judge him right. Yes, his voice is high. But it's getting a lot deeper than it was before. This is his dream, ... Read More »

When you get a prank call do you hang up, threaten the person, or play along?

I act like i dont speak but seomtimes it is fun to play along. it really depends on the mood if i am in a bad moodthen i threaten them