How to Deal With Selfish Teenage Boys?

Answer Not all teenage boys are thoughtful, sweet-natured little mommy's darlings... Some of them are very inconsiderate, pushy and selfish. Some of it is hormones and some of it is believing the garbage ... Read More »

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Do you think this would be selfish?

If we knew the world was ending in 5 years, I'm sure we'd all have a lot on our minds... but why not keep reproducing? It is our devine animal right.

How to Be Selfish?

There's a common misconception out there that being selfish is a bad thing. This is wrong. Selfish people are the ones who make the world go round, who create art and civilization. Selfishness is t... Read More »

How to Be Less Selfish?

Do you want to change your ways? Or, do you have a selfish friend/family member who you want to influence to change their ways? This is for you.

Adoption becoming a selfish act?

Not for nothing, but one could argue that having biological children is an even more selfish act than adoption. HAVING CHILDREN IS A SELFISH ACT. I get upset when I visit these threads and all I se... Read More »