How to Get Cute Boys?

Answer In order to get a cute boy, it is a good start to be visually attractive. If you think you are not pretty, then there is no way a cute boy will be seen with you. You have to learn to see yourself a... Read More »

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How to Look Cute Around Boys?

Have you ever seen a guy at school that you just said wow about and wanted to look cute around him? Well, this article should help you with hints on how to smile and look normal around him. Hope th... Read More »

BOYS!! Role Reversed Boys have periods?

I asked my boyfriend this, and he said there is no way in hell. Just the period would be enough to make him sick, lol.

Bill Kaulitz, So cute! Weirdly cute Or just plain weird?

So cute! and Hot and SEXY!!!!!!!! I LOVE BILL!!! he's not just cute but he's so sexy!

There is a boy and he was really cute but he just got a hair cut and now he isnt as cute what do i do?