Why are drivers in Sydney such arrogant jerks?

Answer They're in a rush to get to places because it's such a busy and populated place.

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Are Marines jerks?

"No, they aren't! If you think they are, you're crazy! 'Cause they're cool and they defend us well!"The above was posted by another user.To answer your question:The idea that an entire group of peo... Read More »

Why do Sound Reinforcement Subwoofers have such low excursion, but put out such high SPL at low frequencies?

The simple answer is that the larger the speaker's surface area, the shorter the excursion it need make to produce a really low note.

Do you think doctors are jerks?

Yes they are. All of them. Don't believe anything they tell you.

How do you kick jerks out on nightclub city?

first u have to hire a bouncer, and then when you see a jerk coming in click on him and then click on the shoe. jerks have a yellow mohawk, pig top, white trousers and pink shoes. jerks are always ... Read More »