Why are blank blu-ray disc still expensive?

Answer the other answer is not even related. its because its a higher quality disk. i dont think you are asking why are blu-ray disks in general expensive, but why are the blank ones expensive. if i'm wro... Read More »

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How to Use and Format a Blank CDR Disc?

Blank CD-Rs are used to store information outside your computer. They can hold anything from digital photographs to music. Many different types of free software are available to write or "burn" CD-... Read More »

Can you put videos on a blank DVD-R disc?

You can burn videos on a blank DVD-R disc, and some versions of Windows and Mac OS include this ability without needing additional software. If your computer can play the video format that you are ... Read More »

How to RIP DVDs to a Blank Disc?

If you are looking to backup your favorite movies onto DVDs you need a specific DVD-ripping program. It is expensive to constantly purchase new movies when your old discs wear out, so backing up yo... Read More »

How do I format a DVD blank disc?

Insert a blank CD or DVD into your computer's drive. When the dialog box opens, click "Burn files to disc" and then type a name for the disc. Click the option to "Show formatting options" Select yo... Read More »