Why are black people generally rude in restaurants?

Answer thats not really true. don't make assumptions based off of your life exprience.Its not every black person...and what you said just now about the overweight thingy was just a stereotype. Not all bla... Read More »

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How to Stand up to Rude People?

Rude people can absolutely make your face turn red and you feel like you want to slap them. Read this article to find out how to stand up to those bullies and show them that they are just as vulner... Read More »

Why are people on YouTube so rude?

''Think before you speak''Though you were typing, the same concept applies here. I do not know what you typed but if you listed your comment, it could have helped. Also you need to be aware that th... Read More »

How to Be Nice to Rude People?

This article will help explains How To be nice to rude people.

Very rude people on trains?

People can be rude no matter where they are. You are just forced into contact with them on the train and no escape until you reach your destination. Just be thankful you are not as rude and unhappy... Read More »