Was Michael Bolton's dancing on 'Dancing with the Stars' worse than Master P's dancing?

Answer Master P is technically not human so his dancing cannot be compared with the great Mr. Bolton, who deserves a knighthood.

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Why doesn't dancing with the stars have any Black pro dancers?

How many people watch dancing with the stars?

I'm not sure but I do.And I know it must be a lot since they got 90 million votes for the finale. hi im kaitlynn dumal of longbeach Mississippi and i love American idol1

Is Hip Hop black music that black people dont listen to anymore?

I think you have a "few" racial hangups. You are trying to add music to the new sterotype of racial hangups. It just doesn't work. If you look at the number of "white" undergroud rappers there a... Read More »

Why do people love the film dirty dancing?

Like someone said here before it is kind of a girly movie so that's why most girls/women like that movie but also because of the good sexy dance in it.Grease is also a good movie.