How to Keep Your PC Running Fast and Smooth?

Answer Windows XP was designed to be user friendly and this convenience directly attributes to it's success. The drawback is that the more convenient something is, the more potential there might be for co... Read More »

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My computer fan is running really fast?

The fan is actually meant to make the computer coolerif it's going really REALLY fast and the computer is really REALLY hot then the fan is trying it's best to cool your pc but is failingyou need t... Read More »

How to Keep Your Computer Tuned up and Running Fast?

A slow computer can be very frustrating - especially one that was once fast. Spyware (software that gains access your internet habits), malware (software that can manipulate your files), and viruse... Read More »

How can i check how fast my broadband is running?

GO to select Flash 8. If you don't have it, download the plug-in. Then select the closet server and wait for a few minutes for results.

Why does my computer always sound like it is running so fast and loud?

it is just coolin down, mine does it all the time. the running sound is the fan