Why are black people generally rude in restaurants?

Answer thats not really true. don't make assumptions based off of your life exprience.Its not every black person...and what you said just now about the overweight thingy was just a stereotype. Not all bla... Read More »

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Am I the only person who considers wearing a hat at dinner table rude I see it all the time at restaurants.?

I think it is very rude. I think it is rude not to take your hat off when dining whether at a restaurant, or in your home. In the military, you are required to remove your hat, beret, etc..upon e... Read More »

When do people generally begin to "die"?

Not sure really, but thats an interesting question.

Do people generally tip tattoo artists?

Generally yes, at least in the US. Europe is "weird" in that some/many/lots of jobs don't require tips to survive - and in some cases they'll look at you funny if they're not familiar with how Ame... Read More »

Are people generally happy with photography?

They must be. It's very hard to find someone who doesn't own a camera, or two or three.