Why are black-footed ferrets becoming extinct?

Answer The black-footed ferret (Mustela nigripes) is part of the weasel family and the only ferret native to North American soil. Growing as long as 2 feet and spending most of its time underground, this ... Read More »

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How did black footed ferrets become endangered?

The black-footed ferret, or Mustela nigripes, is the only ferret native to North America, according to the Black-Footed Ferret Recovery Program. The animals are closely associated to the European p... Read More »

What does the black-footed ferret eat?

The black-footed ferret's primary diet is prairie dogs, though they may also eat squirrels, rabbits, birds and rodents. The Defenders of Wildlife organization claims that black-footed ferrets eat m... Read More »

How did the black-footed ferret become endangered?

As is the case with many endangered species, the biggest contributor to the near extinction of the black-footed ferret has been humankind.HistoryThe black footed ferret inhabits prairie lands in th... Read More »

Black Footed Ferret Habitat Description?

The black-footed ferret is an endangered species native to North America. A member of the weasel family, the black-footed ferret’s body is long and slender. It is tan and has black feet and legs.... Read More »