Why are big sisters such a pain?

Answer Siblings fight a lot because they are always around each other and they get on each others nerves. Big sisters might be pains because of hormonal things which cause them to have attitude.

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Why is my facebook page such a pain in the posterior?

Why is the installation of Internet Explorer 10 such a pain?

Simple solution : 1. Go to softpedia and download the fresh copy of windows 7 SP1 ( All versions are listed there )2. Upgrade your IE that's it .( Warning IE9 is much better than IE10 , IE10 is mad... Read More »

Why is doing laundry such a pain in the butt?

well if you didn't have so many skid marks and pecker tracks in your shorts to have to wash out by hand it wouldn't be so bad

Is there such thing as "good pain"?

Yes there is.It's a very gentle/mild pain, it involves ...... (if I write it here, it will get reported) ;)