Why are bees attracted to porch lights at night?

Answer Bees are attracted to porch lights at night because they demonstrate positive phototactic behavior. They are naturally attracted to light, like many other organisms. Other insects that are positive... Read More »

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Should I Leave My Porch Lights on at Night?

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Are bees attracted to the color yellow?

Bees are generally attracted to bright colors (except for red, which most of them cannot see) and floral patterns that resemble the flowers from which they extract nectar and pollen. Therefore, yel... Read More »

Are bees attracted to sage bush flowers?

Bees are attracted to bush sage plants because of the attractive aroma of the flowers, which bloom around late summer and early fall. One such sage is the Mexican bush sage, which thrives in the So... Read More »

Flying Insects Attracted to Kitchen Lights?

If you've ever changed the bulbs in your kitchen light fixtures, you've probably found at least a few dead insects inside. A variety of flying insects are drawn to the light and find their way into... Read More »