Why are beers like Bud Light popular when most people seem to think they suck?

Answer I find your comment faulty and full of biased and misleading information. It is clear that most people like Bud Light and why it is so popular. Why care? Maybe you worked for the company years ago ... Read More »

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What do you think of those cleaning products called Bam. They seem like they have powerful chemicals?

Whenever I wonder how good a product is, I read people's reviews on the product. Amazon is an excellent source for reviews.According to Amazon, Bam is a decent product. 4 out of 6 people gave it ... Read More »

Why do people on here seem to think wiki is like the modern day bible?

Wikipedia is a fascinating construct, because it's returned some level of authority to the people. Now most folk aren't used to having that, and don't particularly know how to use it -- they're stu... Read More »

Is the swine flu that big of a deal It doesn't seem to be lethal in MOST people. Do you think it'll mutate?

It is a pandemic. The number of people infected is doubling every day. It is lethal and people have died from it. Vaccinations for this are extremely limited and your dehydrated before you even kno... Read More »

How to Make People Think You Suck at Lying when You Don't?

Lying is a great way to avoid certain complications and problems if it is done right, but if you get caught lying it will cause even more problems than if you just told the truth. If you have a rep... Read More »