Why are barber poles red& white?

Answer Barber poles are red and white because they reflect the history of the profession. In addition to cutting hair, medieval barbers were also physicians, dentists and bloodletters. Some would hang red... Read More »

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Why are barber poles red, white&blue?

The red, white and blue stripes of color that spiral around a pole identifies a single profession with almost universal recognition. The reason people associate these colors with a symbol of barber... Read More »

Where did barber poles originate?

Barber poles originated in medieval Europe, where barbers also acted as surgeons. The red-and-white pole that identified a barber's shop symbolized blood and the bandages required for the bloodlett... Read More »

What did the original red&white stripes on a barber pole represent?

The red and white stripes on a barber pole are representative of the practice of bloodletting, which was often performed by barbers. The white stripe of the pole is representative of a clean bandag... Read More »

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