Why are babies chubby?

Answer While in the womb, the fetus gets nutrition freely from the mother's blood supply, so it is to the advantage of the fetus to take as much as possible and get fat, so that it will have reservves to ... Read More »

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Why do babies have chubby cheeks?

Basic Evolution. Babies of all species are given a "cute" quality (example; large eyes)as their only tool in protecting themselves. This evokes a basic maternal-like instinct in their own, as well ... Read More »

How Do I Get Rid Of Chubby Cheeks?

If you are really average weight and have chubby cheeks, one of two things. Like some others answered, as you age your face will change. This doesn't mean the cheeks will get smaller; just that i... Read More »

Am i chubby pics.?

How to Play Chubby?

This game is fun to play when you have 4-8 people. It's a great thing to do at sleepovers and at friend's houses. It has three rounds, and they can last as long as you want. Awesome crowd-pleaser.(... Read More »