Why are babies born at 30 weeks?

Answer One of the most common causes of premature birth is that the mother has pre-eclampsia, the only way to cure it is by delivering the baby.The mother or baby may have an infection which triggers prem... Read More »

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Can babies survive if it is born at eighteen weeks?

Are abortions legal for babies born more than 12 weeks prematurely?

Please...when commenting on abortion people need to have their facts straight...You may terminate a pregnancy until the 24th only a few locations. But at 30 wks. that baby can be deliver... Read More »

How long does an infant have to be hospitalized if born at 34 weeks but measuring three weeks too big?

Answer The answer is: it just depends. What exactly do you mean by "measuring three weeks too big." Belly measurement? Ultrasound estimation of weight/due date? Or do you mean the baby is already ... Read More »

How many babies born a year are born with cerebral palsy?