I cant look into peoples eyes?

Answer It sounds like you have self confident issues. Maybe with the way you look and how people perceive you. I can understand that it must be very awkward and hard for you, but when talking to someone a... Read More »

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American eyes made to look like asian eyes?

1. Cover your upper and lower lids with concealer. This will make the flesh seem thicker and fattier, and the over-all surface seem flatter. This is essential for Asian-looking eyes.2. Apply white ... Read More »

Why do some peoples eyes seem to change colour?

Yes! Han han eye colour do change in some people.A person's Eye colour is because of the Iris. And Iris colour depends on the number, and colour of pigment in it...just like our skin colour depends... Read More »

How to Do Smoky Eyes on Asian Eyes?

A well-done smoky eye can help propel your look from day to night and give you a sophisticated edge. Yet, not all smoky eye routines fit the bill for Asian women, who may want to opt for techniques... Read More »

How do i make my eyes look more Asian ?

Okay, I don't think this sounds stupid, because I have the exact same problem and I try to do the same thing with my makeup since my eyes are very almond-y and sort of hooded. Since nobody seems to... Read More »