Why are arctic animals endangered?

Answer Many natural causes as well as human action have endangered the lives of arctic animals. Harsh living conditions have made it difficult for some animals to survive, while human actions have interf... Read More »

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Endangered Plants in the Arctic?

The difficulties in assessing the number of species of flora and fauna endangered in the Arctic region are numerous. The area's variety of plant and animal life has not been studied and documented ... Read More »

What kind of arctic animals are there?

The Arctic encompasses the area north of the Arctic Circle surrounding the North Pole, and the animals that live there are a hardy bunch that have learned to survive in harsh conditions. The Arctic... Read More »

What Are Some Plants & Animals That Live in the Arctic?

The Arctic is often described as one of the toughest places to live on Earth. Though mostly covered in snow, this region hosts myriad plant and animal life that has adapted well to its harsh condit... Read More »

Major Plants & Animals in the Arctic Tundra?

While the Arctic tundra is known for being a rather inhospitable place, life still prevails. Despite the brutally cold climate and a landscape covered in ice, snow and rock, plants and animals live... Read More »