Why are animals&plants all different sizes?

Answer Plants and animals are all different sizes because they have evolved to fill different niches. Size is based on environment and lifestyle, or how the species earns a living.Land PlantsLand plants n... Read More »

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How Are Plus Sizes Different From Regular Sizes?

You may think the name says it all, but plus-size clothing differs in many ways from standard sizes---and not just in the numbers on the label. Shopping in plus sizes can be confusing at first, but... Read More »

Can dual monitor be set up with 2 different sizes and 2 different brands of monitors?

Yes. Just make sure you don't have mirroring on. That is a standard mistake that is made for dual monitor newbies.

Different Envelope Sizes?

Envelopes are commonly used for business and personal use, and can be purchased in a number of colors, styles and sizes. Among the choices of envelopes are invitation envelopes, shipping and packag... Read More »

Different Sizes of Headlights?

Automobile headlights have gotten progressively smaller, brighter, and more focused on the road. In early cars headlights were mounted in big, hulking, self-contained units to the front of the gril... Read More »