Why are animals so easily killed if they were not meant to be slaughtered?

Answer It's easy to kill a human if you have a gun or knife.Are you volunteering yourself?

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Do they wash animals before they are slaughtered?

When you say "slaughtered" are you talking about killed to be processed for the meat? in answer to that question, yes they do:Animals should be as clean as possible at slaughter. Producers should w... Read More »

As animals ourselves, were we meant to eat other animals?

Animals weren't meant to be kept in tiny cages, abused and tortured and raised for food, I know that much.And until you're physically capable of running after an animal, catching it with your bare ... Read More »

Why man killed animals that they will not eat?

It's because some men are barbaric like that and see it as a game. They just don't value life

Would more people become vegetarian if they interacted with the animals they were eating?

It's a good question. I actually went vegetarian when working on a farm because I saw the suffering firsthand. But that is because I experience deep empathy for any kind of suffering. Most people d... Read More »