Why are animals so easily killed if they were not meant to be slaughtered?

Answer It's easy to kill a human if you have a gun or knife.Are you volunteering yourself?

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Do they wash animals before they are slaughtered?

When you say "slaughtered" are you talking about killed to be processed for the meat? in answer to that question, yes they do:Animals should be as clean as possible at slaughter. Producers should w... Read More »

Vegans, cows exist merely to be slaughtered by animals?

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Why do vegans assume that animals are "tortured" when slaughtered?

It's their choice to eat what they want, they just don't like the fact that the animals are killed.

If god meant us not to eat animals?

An why did he give us CANINE teeth to rip the lovely steaks and chickens to pieces. Mmmmm! Dead cow for dinner tonight I think