Why are ambulances so expensive?

Answer The ambulance itself, or an ambulance ride?First off, if there is a paramedic on board, there is a charge for that. I know of an ambulance company that charges $500 just to roll an ambulance out w... Read More »

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Why am i so scared of ambulances?

You sound like you fear the unknown and what you percive this to be . Personally I would visit a local rescue or paramedic squad to see if they can alay your fears usually it is not as bad when you... Read More »

Before GPS, How did Ambulances get to emergencies in time?

The only thing we could use was a map or our own knowledge. If there was a street that was new and not on the map dispatch would give us directions. A lot of people like me don't use the GPS. They ... Read More »

How do ambulances answer calls in gated communities?

It depends on the community. Most of the time when the communities are build they are required to inform the city of the code, so when a call comes in from there the computer automatically lets cre... Read More »

Can ambulances find you if you are unable to give them an address/location?

In those situations, you would not take the time to find the number for an ambulance company. You would call 911. The 911 dispatcher would determine your location. If you could say that you need... Read More »