Why are alternative medicines more preferred than primary medicines?

Answer They work,without dangerous side effects.

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What is WRONG with believing in Alternative Medicines?

Like religion, there is nothing wrong with people believing in AltMed, and I will fight for anyones right to believe in what they want. People should have the freedom of choice, however this must b... Read More »

Are there any alternative medicines that help someone with ADD rather than prescription drugs?

We offer a lot of products that would help with ADD. The product that i would recommend is called Focus Factor. Focus Factor is a dietary supplement that supports healthy memory, concentration and ... Read More »

If Old Alternative medicines don't truly work, why do they still exist?

I agree. Manual therapy has been around as long as cultures have existed. Its not going to disappear anytime soon.Edit:I agree just because something is old it doesn't mean it works.However, I thin... Read More »

I understand that alternative medicines have not been tested to the same degree?

I was a pharmaceutical representative for over thirty years, both in the UK and in Germany, I worked for several well known companies who have produced products that may have kept you and your pare... Read More »