Why are aerators used in aquariums?

Answer Oxygenation and aeration are two terms that are often confused by hobbyists while setting up aquariums. Oxygenation---introducing oxygen to the tank---is often facilitated by aeration, the disrupti... Read More »

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Types of Aerators?

Aerators are machines that purify water. They are designed to bring water and air into close contact with one another, which will cause the release of toxins within the water. For instance, the pro... Read More »

Types of Lawn Aerators?

Lawn aerators are machines that create small, finger-sized holes in your lawn. The function of these holes is to increase the interaction between soil and roots as well as to allow water and oxygen... Read More »

Are faucet aerators universal?

Faucet aerators vary in size. Older faucets can take sizes such as 13/16-inch or 3/4-inch. Modern faucets will most likely take a 15/16-inch aerator. Some aerators come with adapters that allow the... Read More »

Do faucet aerators conserve water?

Faucet aerators help to direct the flow of water and, especially in the instance of homes where water is provided by a well, help to trap particulates before they enter your cup, bowl or pan. The m... Read More »