Why are acid-fast stains useful?

Answer The Gram stain is a common and effective technique to aid identification of bacteria. However, some bacteria do not stain well in the Gram stain. The acid-fast stain is effective for identifying so... Read More »

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Acid Stains on Marble?

Stains can be difficult to deal with on stone tile or sculpture. Homeowners typically choose marble for its high quality and the variety of colors marble is available in compared to other types of ... Read More »

Removal of Tannic Acid Stains?

Tannic acid, a compound occurring naturally in the roots and barks of some plants, remains the main culprit in stains from coffee and tea. A spill doesn't necessarily mean it's time to toss the top... Read More »

How do I remove acid stains on concrete?

BleachSweep the concrete surface of all debris and dirt. Put on protective goggles and latex gloves. Cover all exposed skin areas. Pour undiluted bleach into a plastic spray bottle and spray the st... Read More »