Wendys or buger king?

Answer wendys. i like their variety better. the chilli and the dollar menu too.

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Whats better McDonalds or Wendys?

McDonalds definitely- I hate Wendy's. It smells so strong. I hadn't been to Wendy's in about 5 years but a couple days ago went there to get a frosty. The cup reaked of fast food smells. I got to c... Read More »

What is best burger king or wendys?

Wendys interview questions?

Okay, I've never interviewed at Wendys specifically, so I'm not sure if they have their own special set of questions, but I try to prepare myself for some weird question and things like this:-why d... Read More »

Did they really find a finger in wendys chili in california?

Yes. And it was a hoax. The finger was put there by the woman who said she found it in the chili. The finger belonged to a relative of the woman who had it amputated in a medical proceedure. Sh... Read More »